hello sugah lovers :)

and it begins... officially!

thank you so much for stumbling across my 'online portfolio of sorts. I pride myself on original, grass roots designs and work closely with those who commission the confection, to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! thanks so much for your interest and happy perusing!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stone's jungle themed 1st birthday

can i just say that this is one of my favorite designs?! i had so much fun creating this one and diving into the characters :) heather was amazing to work with and allowed me full creative authority to create whatever i thought would match the theme. stone is such a cutey, but more importantly such a lucky little boy to have such a devoted mommy. thanks so much for the opportunity to make such a fun cake!

TayTay's 1st Birthday

this cake was created for my bosses daughter's first birthday. she wanted something fun and girly and pink and green. i think the design matched taytay's personality perfectly... she's such an easy going, happy, precious doll baby. the morning that i met them with the cake, she was as cool and calm as a cucumber and came to me like i was her long lost besty lol. so adorable!

Monday, May 24, 2010

harry potter for emma

this cake was done for one of my very first, and now favorite and repeat clients. she and her sister have stayed with me through all of my hiatuses and bookings and always give me full creative authority. i was so happy to be able to finally create something for her again. her daughter emma wanted a harry potter cake sorting hat cake. i was a bit stumped at first and worried that she wouldn't be able to recognize it in cake, but megan ensured that i got my confirmation through pictures. emma's face was priceless. to add, i forgot to tell megan that the candle one of the figures was holding... was a trick sparkler. again, priceless. it made for a great pic though :) i can't thank you enough for sticking with me :)

recent creations...

this cake was done for my bf's surrogate nephew who has quickly become a multi-faceted, well-rounded cool guy... and most recently, big brother. it was his 14th birthday and he wanted a rockstar themed cake... loved seeing he and his friend's faces :)

this cake was done for my dear, sweet nephew. he has the biggest heart and the most mild manner... but oh how he's all boy when he gets around his friends. he was turning 7 and, at the moment, wants to be a military pilot. the plane is made out of gumpaste and he made sure that we kept it to freeze :)

so i was honored when my friend krystal asked me to create her wedding cake. i honestly did not know what to expect. you have to understand that this girl is wild, quick witted, sassy and more than hilarious. i was expecting her to ask for something leopard print and red. much to my surprise she decided to go the 'elegant' route as she called it. well, she created the ENTIRE design and i must say that that i'm thankful, as it turned out to be gorgeous (despite the heat and humidity). thanks krystal :) and thanks ashley for being my assistant :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

past creations...

so from here on out i will do my best to add my creations as they're born... including a blurb about what brought about the design. cross my heart. :)

here are a few of my favs so far...