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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sarah and Reid tie the knot!!!! yay!

i have to tell you how much i heart this girl! she's amazing and i'm so happy that she found someone equally amazing to share her life with. a tidbit about the event: it was an outdoor wedding in south carolina's june heat... which means that buttercream doesn't stand a chance. i was so scared even though the cake was covered in fondant, i still didn't want it to result in a puddle of sugar! the venue was phenomenally gorgeous out on the water right before dusk, but the heat was giving us it's all. so there i am wondering how sarah was going to do in a wedding dress (we all know how much they weigh), and here she comes down the aisle. not a hair out of place, glowing like never before. i swear to you all, the pics from the ceremony AND the reception are absolutely flawless- and if mother nature was getting to her, it was their little secret... she was a gorgeous, perfect bride ;). all the best to you and reid sk!!! i wish you guys nothing less than forever!

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